Starter01 is a web application with one clear goal - to help. It introduces new possibilities to learn, and to develop cognitive abilities to people, who haven’t had access to such opportunities before. The controls of the game are designed specially (but not exclusively) for eye control technology. Their purpose is to both enhance and strengthen the concentration skills. Moreover, while playing the game, the players gain a basic understanding of colors, shapes and even animals. The design and the principle of the game is simple and attractive, which guarantees uncomplicated control and quick understanding of how it works. Starter01 offers various difficulties and levels that give the application the feel of an arcade game. Players will start off at the first difficulty and the first level, whilst all their results are recorded as they play throughout the game. They can then improve upon these results not to only overcome themselves but also to compete with their friends.



DressApp is yet another great web application, which leads to a journey for knowledge. Similarly to Starter01, it focuses on improving the concentration, cognitive skills as well as presents new, more complex set of information in a form of a game.


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